What about sending notifications automatically to Messenger for new WordPress posts? Well, with Intelichat now this is possible.

Besides broadcasts with ad-hoc content, a new feature is available in Intelichat, enabling automatic notification of Wordpress posts to Facebook messenger users. All it takes for that is that a broadcast is configured in Intelichat with a valid Wordpress URL address and a number of new posts to be sent in a broadcasted message, besides a periodicity of distribution. Optionally, filters can be applied to restrict posts according to posts tags or categories. Each time the broadcast engine runs (on daily, weekly or monthly basis), it checks for new posts, notifying only about the new ones. There are also functions to test the connection to a Wordpress site and to test a broadcast before sending it. The image for the message is taken from the post itself.

It is important to stress out that, accordingly to Facebook’s terms, broadcast messages are only sent to users who authorize it. Among the users who authorized the broadcast, filters can be built to send messages according to attributes.

This is a new integration of Intelichat to Wordpress, in addition to existing plugins to enable interactive content publishing and web button for chatbots for WP websites and blogs.